The Collection: Spring 2019

The Collection: Spring 2019

In this edition, we explore the continually evolving world of digital marketing and communications. The technological advancements are the driving force of the change we are witnessing. A steady stream of new tech, apps and devices are transforming consumer habits and behaviours and changing the way we all communicate.

Here is a teaser list of articles you can find in this edition of The Collection:

  • Digital trends to watch out for
  • Content = Connections
  • Facebook Community Boost
  • Creating compelling mobile content
  • Engaging young people in pensions
  • Watch our Mallowstreet Live debate
  • Want to know what our clients really think of us?
  • Getting involved and upcoming events


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Frank Whiffen
Frank Whiffen
Frank is in the fortunate position of looking after marketing for a marketing agency. He has been agency side for ten years working across a range of sectors, from investor comms through to food and drink. Before that he marketed chocolate (whilst resisting the urge not to devour the stock).
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