The Collection: Winter 2018

The Collection: Winter 2018

Take a look inside The Collection to discover the latest news and insights in digital marketing, communication strategies,  and newest digital trends. We’ve rounded up some of our most interesting insights from the year so far, packed with impressive stats, top tips and expert guidance. We hope you enjoy reading them. Be sure to follow us on social media to stay up to date and join in the conversation.

Here is a brief list of articles you can find in this edition of The Collection:

  • The power of influencer marketing
  • Building your cyber resilience
  • How to develop a digital strategy
  • Trends to look out for
  • Developing meaningful connections through social media
  • The science of storytelling
  • How to create compelling video content
  • Could voice be a major player in property marketing?
  • Consumers spend an entire day a week online


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Frank Whiffen
Frank Whiffen
Frank is in the fortunate position of looking after marketing for a marketing agency. He has been agency side for ten years working across a range of sectors, from investor comms through to food and drink. Before that he marketed chocolate (whilst resisting the urge not to devour the stock).
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