Facebook Community Boost Event

Facebook Community Boost Event

5 minutes

375 million people abroad are connected to small businesses in the UK. And there were some really inspiring stories of how some of these businesses have used Facebook to grow their company. One talk was from  David, founder of Huit Denim Co. He explained how he and his wife reopened a jean factory in Wales, giving people back the jobs they’d been doing for 30 years. He mentioned that Facebook advertising was crucial to selling the jeans locally and hiring people back into the factory:

Facebook is probably the second most important tool we have, the sewing machine being number one. I was a bit cautious about whether Facebook would work, but now I’m a complete convert: I know it does.


The event explored a number of tools that can help you target people outside of the UK if they speak a different language. Cross Border Insights Finder tool gives you a world view and helps you to find new international growth opportunities while multi-lingual ads can help you connect with people in various locations. This function allows you to create one campaign, which Facebook can auto-optimise, ensuring that your ads are distributed to the right people in the right language. By selecting Traffic, Mobile App Install or Conversion you can add up to six languages within one suite of ads in a campaign.

New ways to get creative with mobile

We all know mobile advertising is big business as more and more consumers are using their smartphone to browse the Internet and most people are reliant on their mobile device. In fact, 40% of adults look at their phone within five minutes of waking up! One of the sessions at the Facebook Community Boost event was all around the Mobile Studio and getting more creative with content. As well as using imagery and apps, there are also plenty of new mobile tools that can help you reach customers, such as Instagram Stories ads, Actions and Shopping tags.


Other highlights from the day


  • Use Facebook Ad Manager over boosting posts if you’re targeting a specific audience
  • Use video (rather than static imagery) to increase engagement
  • Don’t just focus on Instagram stories and IGTV. Use the feed too, because it gives your audience a glimpse into what your brand is all about
  • Use social tools to connect in different ways. For example, Instagram Stories can help you capture your company culture and host live streams and Q&A sessions while IGTV can help you form deeper connections with conversations that last over 15 seconds



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