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FPCG Friday Focus

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FPCG Friday Focus

LinkedIn’s new company page functions: LinkedIn has announced some changes to its company pages including the focus on hashtags, which is worth exploring if your audience uses the channel regularly to search for news.

Google’s proposed changes to Chrome: Google’s proposing changes to ad-blockers on Chrome in a bid to ’improve security and performance’.

Twitter’s night mode: the social media platform recently announced it’s creating a darker night mode to align with industry standards around blue light emissions. With the Ofcom report revealing that most adults spend 24 hours a week online, it’s interesting to see how platforms are adapting and evolving to prolonged screen-time.

Slack rebrand: most brands will be faced with this question at some point: do you stick with the status quo or recognise it’s time for a change?

Facebook integration with Whatsapp and Instagram: Facebook is set to merge with Messenger, Whatsapp and Instagram, making it easier for consumers to communicate across the channels. While it’s unclear what this will means for brands moving forward, it’s another reason to move away from isolated campaigns and consider an omni-channel approach.


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