FPCG Friday Focus #3

FPCG Friday Focus #3

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Year of marketing: Marketing Week reported that the government is launching its ‘year of marketing’ change manifesto to raise standards in communications. The change is happening because of evolving consumer habits and the increase in digital platforms, and is a reflection of how all brands need to constantly adapt and evolve their strategies to meet consumer demand.


Influencer makes it into the dictionary: the word ‘influencer’ was recently added to the English dictionary. This graphic from Social Media Today is an interesting look at how influencers have evolved over time.


Playable podcasts in Google: Google announced this week that podcasts can now be searched for and played through its web player. When you search for a podcast you’ll now see the top three most recent episodes and you’ll have the option to play them on the web player directly on mobile or desktop. The move is definitely a sign that businesses are seeing podcasts as serious marketing collateral and search engines are clearly seeing more demand for this type of content.


Increased testosterone leads to bigger spend on luxury goods: new research from the University of Pennsylvania reveals that increased testosterone levels can lead to a bigger spend on luxury items, like cars or watches. Interesting consumer behaviour insight for marketers within the luxury goods sector.


Trust in influencers: a new report reveals that most people lack confidence in what they read online, and only 4% of people trust what influencers say. Whether you’re considering launching an influencer outreach campaign or not, the article is an interesting read.

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Hayley Clark
Hayley Clark
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