In the spotlight: meet Frank

In the spotlight: meet Frank

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Frank Whiffen Marketing Director Ferrier Pearce Creative Group

Meet Frank, our Client Relationship Marketing Director... 

So Frank, what were you doing before FPCG?

Well, it’s been varied but I’ve always worked in the creative marketing and communication space. Before I joined Ferrier Pearce Creative Group I was an account director for an agency that specialises in packaging. I was there for a couple of years working with brands that you might find on your shelves at home like New Covent Garden Soup, Branston Beans and Fray Bentos. Before that I worked at what I consider the other end of the market developing investor relations communications, so I’ve worked (broadly) from consumer to corporate comms.

What's the best thing about what you do?

I love marketing, advertising, and working with people. My role is really varied as I work across all of our brands (Key, Kolab and Ferrier Pearce). Whilst this in itself is challenging (and always keeps me on my toes!), I get to speak with a broad mix of people and learn about multiple sectors, so I see a multitude of ways in which organisations approach their marketing and communications challenges and opportunities.


What do you think makes a brand?

I think a brand has the ability to generate a feeling. It’s the pull-towards or away-from factor that ultimately dictates an individual's level of affinity to a company/product/service. I also think it’s tough to determine ‘why’ you admire a brand because great brands generate admiration through multiple touchpoints. Great brands walk with you through life. They care. They make you proud and you aspire to be a part of their community - it’s tribal.

Tell us about one of your work highlights

I have developed a video introduction tool, which I use to communicate with potential clients. It’s a cool piece of tech that allows me to embed a video link into an email. It’s clear that video is far more personal than written word - we talk about this all the time, so it’s nice that we practice what we preach. Generally, the way that we market ourselves has improved over the past couple of years. There’s a few of us that lead on this, and I’m proud to see the improvements.

What brands do you admire?

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee is one of my favourite brands. I admire them as they think big but remain authentic. They’ve maintained their cool factor and the ‘new kid on the block’ persona through a time of growth. I recently bought a t-shirt from them and it arrived with a handwritten note from Jimmy - nice touch! I’m from the south coast so I’ve seen them boom, and rightly so - they’ve created a wholesome, fun and engaging brand (that tastes good too). They have a story to tell and they tell it through a range of channels - they even have their own movie nights in their hometown of Christchurch, Dorset. I remember the first time I really recognised that they were different - it was after seeing their rap video. It’s great fun and you can tell a lot of love went into it. TUI have gone on to do something very similar, and I reckon they took some inspiration from this campaign.

If you could only suggest one thing for a brand to focus on what would it be?

Understand your audience and have a multichannel approach - you need to be in front of people through a range of mediums. Change your message to fit the medium but make sure you’re consistent. Also, be fun and likeable. People are humans and that will never change, so your marketing should have emotion. Your audience has to learn to trust you before they love your brand a fraction of the amount that you do.

Favourite book?

I like audiobooks... I listen to a lot of audio whilst walking to and from the office. I have so many I admire - if you want tips on audiobooks and podcasts then I’m your man. I recently listened to ‘Total Recall’ the autobiography of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He has an interesting backstory that stretches far beyond being The Terminator and Governor of California.  

Favourite biscuit?

White chocolate cookie, although you can't beat the nostalgia of a pink wafer or party ring.

Top advice you've ever been given?

It’s nice to be nice.

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