In the spotlight: meet Tom

In the spotlight: meet Tom

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Tom at Ferrier Pearce Creative Group

Meet Tom, one of our lead creatives... 

So Tom, what were you doing before FPCG?

I was working in digital design and PR before moving into my role as an art director at a media and tech agency. I joined FPCG last year and lead creative projects for a number of our clients.

What’s the best thing about what you do?

Being able to create things that make a real difference and being able to see your ideas come to life.

What do you think makes a brand?

A brand is how it makes the consumer feel. It is the overarching emotion when using a product or service. This is achieved by having consistent values and a clarity in communication. A great brand is passionate and makes the consumer feel part of their journey. However, there are lots of good brands that are small companies that don’t get noticed. This is because often what makes a brand great is simply tapping into the zeitgeist at the time and a lot of luck.


Tell us about one of your work highlights

Going to South Africa as part of a team and building a school for underprivileged children. Meeting these children was truly humbling.

What brands do you admire?

Bang and Olufsen have relentlessly stuck to their brand message which was revealed in 1968: 'For those who discuss design and quality before price'.

This is a brand that’s built around customer experience, considering every aspect of design from the way an item looks, to how it feels, sounds, and works. It’s B&O’s devotion to impeccable customer experience that has made it so appealing throughout the years. By combining technology with visual appeal, B&O design devices that are a pleasure to live with, inspired by both function, and form.

One of the things that makes B&O so appealing as a brand, is the fact that everything they do, is done for a reason. Each product launch or new feature is explained to the audience making them totally transparent about their decisions as a company, allowing the world to follow their journey and evolution.

Everything produced by the company continues to focus on this simple principle of combining beautiful design with state-of-the-art tech. A strong marketing plan can give you the awareness and recognition you crave from your target audience but you still need an amazing product to bring people to your door. It’s fair to say that B&O walk the walk.

If you could only suggest one thing for a brand to focus on what would it be?

Don’t stand still. Great campaigns are sometimes the most opportunist. Be knowledgeable of future innovations and adapt.

Favourite book?

Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer

Favourite biscuit?

Chocolate Digestive

Top advice you’ve ever been given?

Don’t do what ifs. If you want something then work hard for it – live a life of no regrets.

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Hayley Clark
Hayley Clark
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