Three questions every brand should be able to answer

Three questions every brand should be able to answer

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Who are we?

Imagine you’re about to go on a skiing holiday and you suddenly realise you don’t have a ski jacket. You have a quick browse online and then head straight to your local outdoor store to try on a few options. You’re not entirely sure what you’re looking for, but you have a budget in mind. After browsing through a mountain of jackets (which all look the same by the way) you start to feel a bit confused. Which one should you buy? Then, as you start reading the label on yet another jacket, your decision begins to feel a lot clearer because this label isn’t like the others. It doesn’t just list features, like the fact it’s ‘lightweight’, ‘breathable’ and ‘waterproof’. This label goes a step further and takes you on a journey. It has a charming story about the company and its founder and a bit of information about their values, which really align with your own. Before you’ve even got to reading the features and benefits, you try it on. It’s comfortable. You’re sold.


Whether this has happened to you or not, hopefully you’ll be familiar with the moral of the story, which echoes the age-old motto: ‘people buy from people’. And in a hectic and cluttered digital world, the need for brand storytelling is now more important than ever. Consumers are faced with thousands of messages every day and it’s increasingly difficult to get your message heard. But establishing a distinctive and credible brand personality is a great way of standing out from the crowd and building authentic relationships with your customers. From developing your tone of voice and key messaging to brand guidelines and your value proposition, understanding who you are as a business is crucial to building engagement and loyalty.

Who are we talking to?

Knowing who your audience is and their wants, needs and motivations can help you to create more impactful messages and a successful content marketing strategy. Understanding your audience's frustrations and knowing which channel to reach them on is also crucial to developing the right message and delivering it to the right people at the right time. Various studies have proven just how important personalisation is - research by Deloitte reveals that 36% of consumers want to purchase personalised products or services. And a study by Hubspot indicates just how effective personalisation can be. The company analysed 330,000 call-to-actions and discovered that the ones that had personalised copy converted 202% better than the ones with generic copy. So, how do you understand your audience and create a more personalised and relevant journey? Market research and audience analysis can help you define this information (like social media listening tools, industry data or your own customer database), while buyer personas can paint a more detailed picture and help you target your messages even further.  

What's our why?

A lot of companies focus on what they’re selling and how, but not everyone focuses in on the ‘why’. And it’s an important part of the brand building process. Understanding why you do what you do and your brand purpose can help you to differentiate your offer, tell an authentic story and build better connections with your customers. And having a mission can also help to align everyone who’s working for the brand.


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*Disclaimer: there are lots of questions to consider when building your brand, but in this article we’ve picked three that we think are crucial to developing a successful communication strategy. If you'd like to discuss this topic in more detail get in touch with our team.*

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Hayley Clark
Hayley Clark
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